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Alternative Office Solutions is located in Morgan Hill, California. We operate out of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The public is welcome to stop by to look at our cubicles or shop for new in used furniture in our showroom.
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Typical Sizes for Cubicles

There are many different types of cubicles. Partitions are used for call centers, reception stations, managerial spaces, and regular office spaces. Therefore, there are not really any typical sizes when it comes to cubicles. That having been said, we can make some general observations.

For the most typical office spaces, those used for cramming multiple tech workers, mid level managers or even executives, into a certain space, the typical size will vary according to budget. If a company has an outstanding budget and really wants to treat their cubicle workers nicely, they will go with the 10 foot by 8 foot cubicles. However, 10X8's are certainly not all that prevalent.The 8X6 cubicle is much more popular. This is considered to be enough space so that the worker will not feel cramped and will have enough room to move about freely. For mid level companies, and even some of the smaller companies, the 8X6 is probably the most typical layout.

The next most popular layout would probably be the 6X6 cubicle. Companies that are pinching pennies can save even more by going with one of these smaller sizes. Employees will not be quite as happy with this little amount of space, but if they are small and continue to think happy thoughts, they might just be able to carry on with their jobs.

Heights and Other Variables

Typically, a cubicle that is 8X6 will have 67 inch high panels. Sometimes these panels can feature a glaze kit, meaning that they have a section of glass at the top. This is a nice effect as it allows employees and managers to have a clear view across the entire space while still keeping a good measure of privacy with each of the individual cubicles.

Most office cubicles also include work surfaces and storage solutions. Normally, a cubicle will have a corner work surface and then two straight work surfaces attached to the corner. The employee will sit in the corner and will have a cabinet located below the work surface on either their right or left. They will also have the option to have flipper door cabinets above their head.

Other options include a task light below the flipper door and a tack board above the work surface. Flipper door storage cabinets can be raised or lowered, removed or added. Tack boards are very handy for pinning important notes at your desk. Lateral file cabinets and pencil drawers are available as well.

File cabinets sit on the floor and are available in 2 to 5 drawers. Pencil drawers are attached under the work surface and slide out to offer the employee paper clips, tacks, and of course, pencils.

The great thing about cubicles is the fact that there is nothing typical. Everything is highly configurable. You can make your cubicle into anything you want it to be.

To get a cubicle quote, or to have one of our knowledgable associates answer some of your questions, please contact us through one of the options below.

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