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Alternative Office Solutions is located in Morgan Hill, California. We operate out of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The public is welcome to stop by to look at our cubicles or shop for new in used furniture in our showroom.
Visit Our Showroom! 140 San Pedro Ave Ste 110, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Office Cubicles Offer Advantages

The most obvious advantage provided by office cubicles is the ability to seperate coworkers into their own spaces, thereby decreasing idle chatter, increasing the employees sense of privacy and cutting down on distractions.

Another, less obvious advantage, is the fact that cubicles are made up of individual components such as work surfaces, storage cabinets, drawers, lights and tack boards. Each of these individual elements can be configured to the specifications of the company, or even the individual workers who will be occupying and making use of the spaces.

Why They Are Needed

The obvious profile for a company needing office cubicles is one that has a number of employees who need to have their own space. This would be a company that would rather avoid the cost of hiring a private contractor to build individual offices.

For a fraction of the cost, panels can be constructed. These panels are set in place and resemble walls, but without a ceiling and the thickness of traditional walls. On the other hand, cubicles are quite a bit less expensive and also offer a few attractions that standard walls cannot.

The Main Benefits

Office cubicles can be resized. For instance, if a suite has eight 8X8 cubicles, holding eight office workers, and they need to add two more employees, the cubicles can be reconfigured to be 8X6, so that a couple extra cubicles could fit in the same given space.

When an office employee is given their own cubicle, and allowed to add their own personal touches, they are generally more happy than a worker who is forced into an unfriendly, unpersonal work environment. Studies have shown that boosting morale is a great ways to boost productivity and profits.

Companies accross the country continue to use cubicles in their work spaces. It is simply a wise financial decision to do so. The benefits provided highly outweigh the costs involved when installing office cubicles.



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