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Alternative Office Solutions is located in Morgan Hill, California. We operate out of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The public is welcome to stop by to look at our cubicles or shop for new in used furniture in our showroom.
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Office Cubicle Efficiency

Office cubicles are all about efficiency. Even though they can be a great aesthetic alternative to the open office space, the main thing that can be accomplished by installing office cubicles is a much needed gain in productivity.

Origin of the Office Cubicle

The Herman Miller Research Corporation, established in 1960, took it upon themselves to solve the growing problem of space issues in the work place. Under the guidance of Robert Probst, Herman Miller studied the psychology of office workers and came up with what he deemed to be a viable solution to the current work space issues of the times.

In those days, the price of real estate was skyrocketing. At the same time, more and more work spaces were needed to accomodate the growing number of workers. The existing solution was just not working very well. That being, workers sitting in open spaces behind desks.

With no partitions between each other, employees were easily distracted and this had a negative effect on production. This lack of production was the main reason behind the invention of the first office cubicles.

The First Office Cubicles

Named after their purpose, the Action Office cubicles by Herman Miller were first introduced in 1967. They were named "Action Office", simply because their design was intended to get the office back into action and out of stagnation.

Needless to say, the first office cubicles were a big hit. However, after a certain amount of time, office managers wanted an even greater degree of efficiency. This brought of the Action Office 2 line of cubicles and work stations.

Maximum Efficiency - Maximum Profit

When Herman Miller first introduced us to the office cubicle, he probably had no idea that it would someday become a multi billion dollar business. These days, CEOs and CFOs alike realize that the efficiency of the office cubicle is one of the bigger reasons why they are able to gain maximum profits.

After all these years, the Herman Miller Action Office cubicles are still considered to be the best your money can buy. For maximum profits, many businesses are investing in refurbished Herman Miller cubicles. This way, they can have the efficiency and durability of the Herman Miller brand, while maintaining the profitability that they need to survive.

In business, it's all about profits and losses. Taking advantage of the entire space that you are provided with, gives you maximum efficiency. Generally speaking, maximum efficiency is a great way to increase profits, and reduce losses.


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