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Alternative Office Solutions is located in Morgan Hill, California. We operate out of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The public is welcome to stop by to look at our cubicles or shop for new in used furniture in our showroom.
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Herman Miller Generic Cubicles

When it comes to cubicles, every company has a different budget that they must work with. When considering your budget and looking at your options, you may hear the terms "Generic Cubicles" or "Look Alike Cubicles" tossed around from time to time.

As a cost comparison, you can usually buy generic or 'look alike' Herman Miller cubicles at a lower price point than refurbished genuine Herman Miller work stations. For the truly budget-conscious, business minded individuals, buying used, as-is cubicles is one option that can save quite a bit of money. The next step up from that would be refurbished, or remanufactured Herman Miller cubicles.

If budget is no concern whatsoever, you can go straight to an authorized Herman Miller dealer and order brand new cubicles. At this point, we should note that look-a-like cubicals are brand new, as well.

Herman Miller generic cubicles can be purchased for about 1/2 the cost of brand new cubicles. What gives? Did I hear that right? Yes, it is true but, there are some differences in what you actually get with each of these choices.

On the outside, it would be fairly difficult to tell the difference between genuine Herman Miller cubicles and look alike work stations. Genuine Herman Miller cubicles are manufactured in The United States, whereas the generic cubicles are mostly manufactured in China and India. Essentially, there is a sizeable difference in overall quality.

Original Herman Miller Cubicles

New Herman Miller Cubicles

Generic Look Alike Cubicles

Clone Cubicles

One thing that should be noted here is the fact that cubicles which have been expertly remanufactured look just like new. They generally cost just about the same or even a little more than look alike cubicles but refurbished office cubicles, using genuine Herman Miller parts, are more reliable and sturdy than their generic counterparts.





To get a cubicle quote, or to have one of our knowledgable associates answer some of your questions, please contact us through one of the options below.

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