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Alternative Office Solutions is located in Morgan Hill, California. We operate out of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The public is welcome to stop by to look at our cubicles or shop for new in used furniture in our showroom.
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Cubicles Basics

These days, most commercial office buildings have some space set aside that will require the use of cubicles. Office cubicles provide a number of advantages but most importantly, they increase overall efficiency.

Basically, office cubicles are boxed walls that are used in order to separate employees in a confined space. By providing a degree of separation, cubicles also allow employees the ability to have a bit of privacy, something that is sorely lacking in an open work space environment.

Since office cubicles are highly configurable, efficiency can be managed and measured, then tweeked in order to attain a higher ;level of productivity. Cubicles allow you to create the look and feel that will give you the most ambition. When employees are happy, they are generally more productive.

Office cubicles can come in just about any size and shape. They are highly adaptable, in that components can be added for storage, work surfaces and accessories. Panels can be added to create extra space, components can be reduced to cut costs and more storage can be added to reduce clutter.

Designing and Installing Office Cubicles

The installation of office cubicles requires a considerable amount of planning and measuring. First, the entire space needs to be measured. This is usually carried out by a professional office cubicle designer.

Next, the cubicle designer will need to know the number of employees that will need to be accomodated, as well as the type of work that they will be performing within their individual cubicles. There are many variables to consider.

The work surfaces need to be strong enough in order to hold whatever types of equipment the employees will need on there desks. The storage spaces need to be sufficient for the individual workers needs.

Typical cubicle sizes are 8X6, 8X8 and 6X6. The space designer to need to attempt to fit the required number of employees into cubicles within the given space, keeping in mind the individual needs of each cubicle.

Installing office cubicles can be a great alternative to having employees attempt to be productive in an open office environment. Relatively speaking, cubicles can be installed for a fraction of the cost of building traditional offices. It is just a matter of doing the math and then deciding how much bang you can get for your buck.

To get a cubicle quote, or to have one of our knowledgable associates answer some of your questions, please contact us through one of the options below.

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